February 2005 : "Countess Markievicz: The People's Countess": The story of one of Ireland's heroines.

April 2005: "Irish Neutrality: Sacred Cow or Bullshit": How Ireland played its part in the 'Battle of the Atlantic'. Was Ireland ever really a neutral country or was it, and is it still, a sham.

May 2005: "St. Malachy: Patron Saint of Papal Prognosticators". St Malachy's prophecies, his predictions for future Popes and for the end of the world: "...the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people."

June 2005: "The Cloonerco Bog Fight". Fr. Michael O'Flanagan was known as the "Patriot Priest". Read how this daring pastor led his people, turf spade in hand, to reclaim their ancient rights.


February 2005: "Inishmurray: Land of Gale, Stone and Fire" : A brief sketch of a remarkable Island off our Northwest coast.

April 2005: "Duty Free" A story about illegal poteen distillation

April 2005: "Child of Prague": Learn how this little statue was, and still is, used to influence the weather. It was also an investment bank — but was it a success?

June 2005: "The Other Atlantis" is all about the mystery of the disappearing island of Banc Grainne off the Northwest coast of Ireland.

Does it still exist? Some say it does...


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